Homes Near Towne Center

The land where Towne Center at Cedar Lodge is located has a colorful history.  For generations this 109 acre tract of land was privately held.  It was sold in 1993 to the state for $4.1 million for development of a research park but after prolonged litigation the sale was rescinded.  When all the dust (and dirt!) settled, most of the land was sold for commercial development.  And, as timing and luck would have it, Hurricane Katrina blew the residents of New Orleans to Baton Rouge right about that time.  The result: Towne Center at Cedar Lodge, and explosive growth in the center of Baton Rouge.

Today the area is referred to as Towne Center and consists of mostly upscale retail and office space.  There has been some new residential development, but the big beneficiaries of growth have been long time, nearby residents who now have great shopping just minutes away.

Some of the most established and well known neighborhoods in Baton Rouge are located near Towne Center.  There are beautiful estate and luxury homes in Bocage, Jefferson Place, and Bocage Lake; charming cottage style homes in Capital Heights; and traditional ranch style homes in Westminster Place.  There are also numerous condominium and townhome communities nearby with a wide variety of community amenities.  And of course, there is Goodwood Estates and Goodwood Place, right across the street with a combination of charming older homes and newer construction.

Here are some searches to make it easy for you to find the home near Towne Center that you’re looking for.  To find more homes near Towne Center you can also use the map search or advanced search features of this site to search by area (try areas 61 and 62).

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