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Use the Walk Score© map to learn more about the area around Towne Center.

There’s something for everyone near Towne Center!  Here you’ll find luxury and estate homes in Bocage and Jefferson Place, as well as pier and beam cottage style homes in Goodwood Place and Capital Heights.  It’s just one of the reasons why this part of Baton Rouge is so popular.  And, if you’re like me and visit Whole Foods a couple of times a week, it’s very convenient!  Take a look at just some of the options available and check out the commute times on the Walk Score© map.  Towne Center is in the center of Baton Rouge.

Here are some searches for some of the larger subdivisions in the area.  There are many more!  To find more homes near Towne Center you can also use the map search or advanced search features of this site to search by area (try areas 60, 61, and 62).

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