Ono Island

Mobile Bay’s luxury homes have views that will take your breath away. I remember the first time I was here. My husband and I decided to take the “scenic” route on our way to our favorite Gulf Shores beach destination. We drove along Route 98 through the little town of Daphne, turned onto the tree and flag lined Veterans Drive in Fairhope, and stopped at the Fairhope pier. To the right are homes on the bluffs. To the left are homes on the water, and in between is the charming town of Fairhope whose residents have taken enormous care to keep their community beautiful and retain it’s artistic heritage.

The homes along Mobile Bay are integrated with the landscape, with porches over looking the water and piers reaching out into the water. You are surrounded by natural beauty on all sides and might even be able to witness a naturally occurring phenomena called “Jubilee,” known to occur in only two places on earth, the eastern shore of Mobile Bay and Tokyo, Japan. When weather, water, and oxygen levels in the bay are just right, fish and shellfish from the deep waters come into the more shallow areas and can be seen all along the shoreline.

Take a look at the luxury homes on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. In an instant you’ll see why the area has become a favored vacation destination, an artist, writer, and musician retreat, and a wonderful place to just call home.

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