Dawn and Byron

My husband and I live in Texas and were trying to sell our condo at LSU. Being in another state was only one of the many problems we were facing in trying to sell. My husband found Helene on-line, spoke with her and decided that she was the person that could help us and he was right. We had tenants living in the condo and that offered a logistical problem plus they had not taken care of the place in the two years that they were there. Since we were so far away, we really had no idea the state that the condo was in at the time we were prepared to sell. Helene went to our place with the tenants present. She also visited every other condo that was comparable to ours as well.
After doing her homework, she told us that our condo probably would not sell in the condition it was in; comparing it to similar condos on the market. She made suggestions as to what it would take to fix it up, to make it stand out from the others. We agreed to follow her suggestions, which of course, involved spending money, but we put our trust in her and did what she recommended. She also told us that we had a certain time frame to sell in and if we missed that mark then the chances of selling would diminish greatly. She met repair people, painters, locksmiths, etc. for us since we could not be there and got the place cleaned up. In the end, our condo did stand out and it stood above the rest. We were able to sell it within the time frame that we needed to.  She is very knowledgeable, well-informed about the area and know what buyers are looking for when buying condos for their children while attending school. She definitely went the extra mile for us and we sincerely appreciate her and the job she did for us.