Long Farm Village, Baton Rouge, LA

Long Farm Village is located minutes from the new Woman’s Hospital on property previously owned by United States Senator Russell Long, grandson to Governor Huey Long. The site was purchased through a series of transactions beginning in 1961 and in total consisted of over 550 acres. Following Senator Long’s death and after years of planning, permitting, and development, roughly half of the land owned by the Long family was dedicated to the construction of Long Farm Village. Plans are for Long Farm to eventually have about 400 single-family residences, up to 1,100 multifamily units and 690,000 square feet of office, commercial, and retail space.

Today, vision is becoming reality as area home builders, retailers, restauranteurs, and healthcare providers build a “pedestrian friendly” traditional neighborhood. Community amenities include a pool and clubhouse, paved lake walk, benches, bike racks, and athletic fields. Future plans call for additional parks and trails.

Some of Baton Rouge’s finest local builders are building homes here, or you can purchase a lot and build a custom home. In 2016, the St. Jude Dream Home was built by Alvarez Construction in this neighborhood. Take a look at what’s currently available.


New Homes for Sale in Long Farm Village

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