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In 2014 the Baton Rouge economy outpaced national averages and the forecast for 2015 and 2016 continues to be optimistic.

“Our region continues to experience incredible growth.  Employment in the Baton Rouge Area is at an all-time high, breaking the regional employment record once again, and every parish in the Baton Rouge Area is expected to increase employment in 2015,” said Adam Knapp, BRAC president and CEO. “2014 has been a strong year for economic development activity, and our economic forecast shows the effects of the boom spreading across the economy.”

Growth in the Baton Rouge economy has been fueled by construction in oil and gas as well as manufacturing.  Since 2009, exports in the region are up 81 percent and The Baton Rouge Area Chamber is forecasting a 2.3 percent growth rate for 2015, and 2.1 percent growth in 2016.  This translates to approximately 9,000 new jobs in 2015 and some 8,400 new jobs in 2016, a collective total of 17,400.

The growth and momentum in Baton Rouge is truly remarkable and it’s built on a base of existing major employers including Turner Industries, ExxonMobil, and Dow Chemical. Health care is also a major part of the local economy. The largest providers and employers in the area are Our Lady of the Lake, General Health, Woman’s Hospital, Ochsner Clinic, and the Baton Rouge Clinic. Universities are another major employment sector. In addition to Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge is home to Southern University and Baton Rouge Community College. And, of course, Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s capital city.

If you are new to Baton Rouge or thinking of moving here the links provided will help get you connected to the business community. The Baton Rouge Area Chamber’s website contains valuable information about business events, opportunities for participation, and area demographics. The Business Report is a local publication that provides outstanding coverage of business issues and commentary. You might want to subscribe to the Daily Report, an e-mail newsletter that crosses the desktops of most business leaders and employers across the capital area.

Two other very noteworthy resources include LSU’s E.J. Ourso College of Business. The Ourso College of Business is a valuable community resource providing outstanding college graduates and opportunities for learning. The Louisiana Office of Economic Development is a catalyst for growth and a resource for those wanting to learn more about the incentives for bringing business and industry to Baton Rouge and Louisiana.

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