Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge used to be New Orleans’ second cousin.  But, not so much any more. The hurricanes have forever changed the Capital city.  And, whether by circumstance or design, we are the heart and hub of Louisiana. East Baton Rouge Parish is now the largest parish in the State. The growth that has occurred is nothing short of remarkable and the demographic trends are unmistakeable.

When I moved here in 1992 the land where Perkins Rowe stands today was a vacant lot.  The Mall of Louisiana was not built. Large sections of South Baton Rouge, near LSU, were undeveloped. I have watched and been part of the transformation of our Capital city.

Baton Rouge has proven to be a wonderful place to raise my family and build a business. On the pages that follow, I share my impressions and experience with you. If you’re new to Baton Rouge, I hope you see much of what our city has to offer. If you’re a long time resident, you might enjoy a newcomer’s observations. I’m not a Boudreaux or a Thibodeaux, but this is starting to feel like home!

I am particularly proud of the work that’s been done to highlight the creative resources of the region.  My colleagues and I participated in the community meetings conducted to develop the concept and promote Baton Rouge as the Creative Capital of the South. Our universities, researchers, engineers, chefs, musicians, festivals, and parades, make a creative gumbo.  Every once in a while, it’s fun to stir the pot!

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